A girl who is liked by many people but doesn't believe so. She's hid a fake smile since day one. She's friendly and shy at once. She can be very sweet one day and angry the next. IF you get on her bad side your going to hell. She's been through the toughest times and she's trying to forget them. She is somewhat sensitive and she usually has bad days.
Kylie is someone to hold on to
by Adorablestuff1627 January 2, 2015
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Kylie is the type of girl everyone wants to be around. She is beautiful, kind, artistic and very athletic. She wants to be your friend but, sometimes to shy to speak up. Kylie is quiet but, once you get to know her she is crazy and you can't get her to shut up. If you need someone to talk to, she's the type of person you go to. Kylie will always be there for you no matter what.
Kylie is a great friend to have.
by Vballer#3 February 3, 2017
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Someone who is very mature but doesn't feel like it alot of the time. Faced with many adult problems even though she's just a child inside. Strong on the outside, but tear filled within. Puts on a smile and makes everyone else happy, but suffers secretly. Loves deeper than most. Scared to disappoint, especially her family and friends. Very direct but not rude. But will stand up for herself and others as needed. Feels like she's crazy, loosing all sanity.
"Man, she is caring alot of weight on her shoulders!"
"Yeah, she's a Kylie for sure"
by linkerbinkers November 29, 2011
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Kylie is a beautiful person, inside and out. The girl has fire. She speaks 4 languages, english, sarcasm, profanity, and real shit. Is amazing with the fine arts, great artist and writer. Tough, always gets through the worse. Barely influenced by those around her and is very protective of the ones she loves. Kylie is the shoulder people often lean on. Doesn't have a short temper but when she losses it, rage cannot be contained; fights like no other.
With all this being said, I love Kylie. Kylie is my life, my best friend, my ride or die.
by Sophie A. March 19, 2017
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Kylie is a hot, pretty and smart girl. If your lucky enough to be with her you better keep her because she cares about who and were you are not just because of your looks your personality to. Shes hates when you lie and if you date someone else she will always be there even when you don't want her to.
"I wish I was Kylie!"
by just need to say the truth October 24, 2015
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The greatest friend anyone could have. She's pretty, funny, smart, and athletic. She may be small but can kick butt! She gives great advice and can help anyone through a rough patch. Kylie's want a guy who is gorgeous, athletic, and just as fun as her. She is always with guys but is never taken seriously by them. Kylie's are loyal and trustworthy.
Girl 1 Oh my gosh who's that girl scoring all points?

Girl 2 That's Kylie. She's a beast.
by LizzytheLizard1175 December 23, 2012
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Person 1: hey what’s your name?

Kylie: Kylie.
Person 1: you must be a bad bitch
by krazy kyky August 7, 2021
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