A exciting dinner theater show located in 7 locations throughout the U.S. You are seated in a various section, and your section has a certain knight they root for in the tourneyment, and jousting. The show is a great thing to do for special occasions and is fun for the whole family!
Medieval Times is one of the best theatrical productions i've ever been to.
by Patrick Murphy August 8, 2005
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a place in Buena Park Ca, on Beach Blvd where you pay a whole bunch of money to eat shitty food, drink expenisve, shitty mixed drinks, and watch a bunch of fake ass knights, on small ass horses, compete in tournament games, in hopes of winning the princesses heart. Oh yeah, and dont cheer for the red knight, he always loses.

Nah, just kidding, its fun, and if you go, make sure you call your server "farm boy"
while walking out of the show at "medieval times" I told dan i was going to run him through with my flag.
by rob $ April 14, 2005
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A time when Europe was basically Africs minus the ebola and colonialism
by Kimmy Il May 2, 2022
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