When you do a massive turd and then get off the toilet and cut the turd in half with your pee. It takes some skill. Usually a tradition passed from father to son. As made famous in the episode of south park reverse cow girl
Jon: I put my flannel shirt on to lay a massive turd and then cut that log in half with my pee.

James: wow man did your pappy teach you the tradition of logging? Will you pass it on to your son?
by JonnoR March 27, 2012
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The act of when a man takes a huge dump in the toliet, then get up to urinate on the turd to cut it in half so it can flush down.
Sorry I was in the can for so long, I had to do a bit of logging to flush down the huge shit I took.
by Trollhunter March 15, 2012
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The art of strategically placing a fresh turd on a person's shoulder. To achieve total "logging efficiency", one must place said fresh turd on the shoulder for as long as possible before the source of the stench is found.
Steve's insightful opinions on foreign politics were completely undermined by the existence of a fully fledged log on his shoulder.

Steve: It is my opinion that the new government's policies are completely-

Jim: Dude, you have a turd on your shoulder.

Steve: Oh man, I totally got logged!


Gary is a true logging ninja
by Glengarry Glenross June 30, 2011
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The act of laying in bed and sleeping for hours and days on end.
Zach, what are your plans for break?”

Not much, probably just logging”.
by Daddyzgurl January 12, 2020
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Process of harvesting trees from a forest.
They are going to be logging on that piece of land.
by Jeff Asel October 2, 2008
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Sending friends/family point of view photos of your knees and clothing around your ankles while on the toilet, presumably defecating (taking a shit).
Gross my brother keeps sending me photos of him logging.
by Aka_85 March 30, 2017
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Originating from the Old English word logge and the Latin word Logia, Logging is the act of letting gravity take hold of your limbs and flopping yourself out on any surface hard or soft the way a log would on the ground hence the term logging. However recent philosophers have expanded the definition even further and now logging also can mean the art of doing nothing productive and meaningful with your time that contributes any value to society, essentially the same as what the word meant before, but a more progressive and inclusive definition that allows logging to be active, mobile, and portable

-Offically by the BOC November 29th, 2016
Jeez its been a long week, the couch looks real tempting right now, I'm about to do some serious logging.

I don't understand how the Kardashians are so famous and beloved, all they do is log!
by The real BOC November 30, 2016
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