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Someone who takes gym class WAY too seriously. Some signs of an Ogympic Athlete include running the warm up laps or mile too fast/like a track star, getting mad when they do bad at gym games, showing off for the gym teachers (who don't give a shit by the way), simply being a try-hard or too competitive, etc. Ogympic Athletes are hilarious to watch and/or jerkoffs to deal with.
Ogympic Athletes are a bunch of gym class try-hards who ruin gym class for everyone else.
by TheFiend138 August 27, 2016
The result of being comfortable enough on the toilet to start/continue taking a shit.
After wiping the seat, and with no one else in the public bathroom, I finally got shituated on the toilet.
by TheFiend138 September 1, 2014
Having really big cheeks on your face, especially when you smile.
Though unecessary, it makes ever more sense if you have buck teeth.
That guy has some big ass Beaver Cheeks.
by TheFiend138 May 25, 2016
The greatest cereal ever made. It has five different fruity flavors and is just like Captain Crunch's Crunch Berries cereal, but even better. It also comes in a huge bag that has twice as much cereal inside than a regular cereal box. The inside of the bag itself smells like wonderland. Berry Colossal Crunch is delicious to the point where you don't even need milk, or to eat it for just breakfast, and anybody will enjoy it.
Berry Colossal Crunch is the greatest cereal ever made.
by TheFiend138 May 25, 2014
Any duo of girls (they usually come in pairs) that say "Like" almost every other word. No matter what the conversation or context, or who they're talking to. Most often found together at school or elsewhere, they can't seem to kick this annoying habit of theirs. They are most often just friends and usually aren't, but can be, literal sisters.
The Like Sisters over there can't go two words without saying "Like"!
by TheFiend138 April 18, 2017
When three or more people take a shit at the same time in a public bathroom.
The three men entered the bathroom stalls at the same time, forming a Shit Squad.
by TheFiend138 December 4, 2014
The act of cumming and shitting at the same time. (Pronounced Kitting)
I'm Chitting all over the place!
by TheFiend138 April 24, 2015