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The act of trolling others with very old or old fashioned material or media. The material/media used can also tend to be very obscure to most people in the modern world. Archaic Trolls are considered very eclectic , and get their kicks thru the confusion their old and obscure material causes amongst their targets.
Repeatedly sending someone that old Bugs Bunny cartoon from WWII is considered Archaic Trolling.
by TheFiend138 May 24, 2020
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Protocol to "Grab Everything And Run", or G.E.A.R.

When you or someone else yells "Code G.E.A.R. " (just say the word Gear, no need to spell it out), it means to grab everything you need to grab and book it.

Similar to, but more specific than, a Code Red or other codes of action, it lets the squad know to pick up and take off.
Ex: We're gonna be late! Code G.E.A.R.! Grab Everything And Run!

Ex 2: It's the cops! Code G.E.A.R.!
by TheFiend138 September 25, 2021
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When someone takes a naked photo/video of you without your permission.
The guy committed Camerape when he took a photo of a naked woman without letting him.
by TheFiend138 May 07, 2018
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The act of cumming and shitting at the same time. (Pronounced Kitting)
I'm Chitting all over the place!
by TheFiend138 April 24, 2015
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Having really big cheeks on your face, especially when you smile.
Though unecessary, it makes ever more sense if you have buck teeth.
That guy has some big ass Beaver Cheeks.
by TheFiend138 May 25, 2016
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8 days. Another unit to measure days, rather than saying a week and a day.

Just as a baker's dozen is 13, one more than a regular dozen of 12, a baker's week is 8 days, one more than 7 days in a normal week.
Hey, my birthday's 8 days away!

Great, I'll see you at the party in a Baker's Week!
by TheFiend138 April 29, 2019
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A Jewish Jedi. Skilled in lightsaber combat, the force, and Judaism.
The Rabbi pulled out his lightsaber in preparation for a duel, confirming his status as a Jewdi.
by TheFiend138 September 18, 2018
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