Short for antifascist

An antifascist is somebody who is usually young, upper to middle class(wo)man who sits in their parents house standing against racism on their computers while sipping expensive wine. Most of them are anarchists or far-leftists such as communists or Marxists (or any socialists for that matter.)

When they get off their computers and go into the real world, they usually flood the streets in packs waving red and black flags symbolizing anarcho-communism, or maybe they just fly black flags or red flags. Since they are too dumb to realize that anarchism and socialism were ideas written from behind a desk and not able to be used in reality.

Usually antifa groups will not fight in a one on one match with a skinhead, they always attack in packs or cells. However, most are vegans and/or hippies so this is understandable since they're all weaklings.

Even if you do not agree with half of what I said, these people are politically correct hippies who adopt the most mainstream political views and then they make it look like they're a special fucking snowflake.

Some wave the flag of the USSR, if you see it, shove it up their ass!
Antifascist: Good night, White pride!

Not a Subhuman: Excuse me, why do you not like white pride?

Antifascist: Because it's racist!

Not a Subhuman: Really? Well, I've talked with some white nationalists and they say that they just want to live their lives in peace and harmony without being part of another racial community and to preserve their culture.

Antifascist: But that implies segregation!

Not a Subhuman: True, but it's voluntary, on the white nationalist's side too. He'll live in a community of his peers. Who follow the same culture, and are of the same race. Not to mention, you don't stand against black pride, brown pride, or gay pride. Why is that?

Antifascist: Because...but...but that's racist! RACIST! You're a fascist! You sound like a Nazi too!

Not a Subhuman: *sighs and walks away*

Antifascist: I won the argument! Good night, White pride!
by GoodNightLeftSide November 12, 2012
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Activist political slang, short for anti-fascist. Probably German in origin (it's the widely-used abbreviation for the German AFA group), it refers especially to militant anti-fascists who engage in physical confrontations with Nazis, such as members of Anti-Fascist Action (AFA).
About twenty antifa turned up for the demo and kicked the asses of the half-dozen Nazi boneheads who showed up.
by antifa July 30, 2004
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Left wing radicals who fight fascist/Nazis. Americans who are fed up with the Alt-right rhetoric of nationalism who defend the American ideal of democracy and refuse to let history repeat itself. True American Patriots aka defenders of WW2 grandparents who served to kill all Nazis.
My Grandfathers fought Nazis in Germany and say they would do it again. Antifa fights Nazis too because they know that it's the right thing to do.
by BettieTattoo October 21, 2018
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Antifa is abbreviation for Anti-Fascist. They were a lot bigger in the 20th century for obvious reasons, resisting fascism, which was on the rise in those times.

As fascism and heavy nationalism rolls over the hills again, Antifa groups have been rising up and demonstrating again, particularly in the latter half of the 21st century. These people are of all ages, but most of them are those worst affected by the economic conditions set by late-stage capitalism, millennials.

Previously, low profile anti-fascist groups had existed in the US since at least 1988 in the form of the Anti-Racist Alliance. Contemporary anti-fascist groups have become affiliated with traditional anarchism and have become known for their clashes with far-right and alt-right groups. Anti-fascist activities have included violent disruptions and demonstrations, including burning rubbish bins, breaking store windows, and most importantly, punching Alt-Rightists and KKK members.

As you might have read from other definitions, conservatives don't like the Antifa because they threaten to tip the balance over. The proletariat will rise, no matter how the rich cry.
I've been in six Antifa demonstrations, if my father was still alive, he would be proud.
by Posle Poludnya July 23, 2017
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"Antifa" is short for "Anti-fascism". Antifa is a conglomeration of groups that seek to organize protests and political action in reponse to the objectives of fascist groups, namely rallies held by white supremacist groups. As it is small and loosley organized, Antifa recieves little media attention from sources not associated with the Alt-Right. Fox News in particular has been critisized for using Antifa to deter its audience from focusing on chants and phrases yelled by white supremistists in support of Trump, whom Fox News often refrains from critisizing.
Fox News host: "Antifa's violence at the Charlottesville..." (Rather than discussing chants led by members of the Alt-Right, namely Jason Kessler of Proud Boys, self-identified members of the Klansman, & other self-identified or discovered members of neo-Nazi & neo-Confederate groups.
by 1FirstLast August 23, 2018
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Short for anti-fascist. Opposes fascism, Nazism, supremacism, and authoritarianism.

Real life antifas include the Allies, the Resistance movements, and the Righteous Among the Nations in World War II. Fictional antifas include the Rebel Alliance, the Inglourious Basterds, and Captain America.
If the other side is fascist, we're all antifas now.
by TheAllies February 23, 2017
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People who are against fascism and the fourteen tenets it is founded upon.
Kevin: Do you support Bannon, Milo, and Spencer?
Roger: No, I don't support their Orwellian views.
Kevin: Oh so you're a dirty antifa then?
Roger: We aren't friends anymore, get help.
by SeaSpot February 06, 2017
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