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The world's strongest aphrodisiac. When combined with the magic words "no means no" or "get off me", all hope for control is lost. Men have been known to wildly copulate with random basserby, including mildly attractive women in alleys and ill-lit parks, while suffering from its effects.
When Susie Q. used her pepper spray, I taught her what it means to be a woman on the park bench. Also, her dog kept barking so I killed it.
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To put hot sauce on the butthole and she/he farts and blows it all over your face.
I went down to lick the booty hole and she pepper sprayed me
by Dirt Snacker February 04, 2019
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really horrible stuff that makes ur face feel like its on fire and ur eyes like theyre haveing thousands of little red hot needles poking thru them. if a cop ever tells u to do something or else hell pepper spray you, just do it, and sue him later.
cop: put ur hands behind ur back
me: fuck u
cop: put ur hands behind ur back or u will be pepper sprayed.
me: fuck u pig!
cop: time for the pepper spray.
me: screams in agony
by pockets1213 October 09, 2006
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When having any style sex, just prior to ejaculating, the man sniffs black pepper causing him to sneeze when he ejaculates. The sneeze puts pressure on the prostate gland which in turn causes a high pressure cum shot. The effect is a long distance cum shot!
When Russell pepper sprayed Michelle, his cum shot made it all the way to her mouth!
by RussellTheLoveMuscle May 10, 2008
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To cup ones fart into hand and raise to mouth and blow said fart into victims face.
I snuck up on my girlfriend and pepper sprayed her. Now i sleep on the couch.

After i pepper sprayed my friend he began to vomit from the stench.
by Lynnied July 24, 2009
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When a females period blood drips down from her vagina to her asshole and farts.
Did you hear? Jen pepper sprayed Joe in the face!
by Dmoneygucci69 April 20, 2018
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