Antifa is abbreviation for Anti-Fascist. They were a lot bigger in the 20th century for obvious reasons, resisting fascism, which was on the rise in those times.

As fascism and heavy nationalism rolls over the hills again, Antifa groups have been rising up and demonstrating again, particularly in the latter half of the 21st century. These people are of all ages, but most of them are those worst affected by the economic conditions set by late-stage capitalism, millennials.

Previously, low profile anti-fascist groups had existed in the US since at least 1988 in the form of the Anti-Racist Alliance. Contemporary anti-fascist groups have become affiliated with traditional anarchism and have become known for their clashes with far-right and alt-right groups. Anti-fascist activities have included violent disruptions and demonstrations, including burning rubbish bins, breaking store windows, and most importantly, punching Alt-Rightists and KKK members.

As you might have read from other definitions, conservatives don't like the Antifa because they threaten to tip the balance over. The proletariat will rise, no matter how the rich cry.
I've been in six Antifa demonstrations, if my father was still alive, he would be proud.
by Posle Poludnya July 24, 2017
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"Antifa" is short for "Anti-fascism". Antifa is a conglomeration of groups that seek to organize protests and political action in reponse to the objectives of fascist groups, namely rallies held by white supremacist groups. As it is small and loosley organized, Antifa recieves little media attention from sources not associated with the Alt-Right. Fox News in particular has been critisized for using Antifa to deter its audience from focusing on chants and phrases yelled by white supremistists in support of Trump, whom Fox News often refrains from critisizing.
Fox News host: "Antifa's violence at the Charlottesville..." (Rather than discussing chants led by members of the Alt-Right, namely Jason Kessler of Proud Boys, self-identified members of the Klansman, & other self-identified or discovered members of neo-Nazi & neo-Confederate groups.
by 1FirstLast August 23, 2018
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A loose association of anti-racist groups who engage in popular resistance to fascism. Antifa members recognize the state's refusal to take action against fascist violence and are thus forced to take matters into their own hands to protect their communities.

Antifa members are historically literate and have studied how European fascists used free speech and free assembly as weapons to seize control of their governments and ultimately do away with such liberties. They understand that Nazism and fascism are fundamentally violent, dictatorial ideologies that must be squashed and will exhaust all nonviolent means before resorting to defensive violence.

The establishment vilifies Antifa groups as "terrorists" precisely because they challenge the white supremacist social order and frustrate the ability of white supremacists to use racial minorities as punching bags.
Cornell West: "If it hadn’t been for antifa protecting us (black Charlottesville clergymembers) from the fascists, we would've been crushed like cockroaches."
by qbdkusoemv December 1, 2019
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Short for anti-fascist or anti-fascism
A term that can refer to people who simply don't like fascism, anti-fascist activists, anti-fascist groups, or a general anti-fascist movement.

Antifa has next to no presence in America, and antifa groups can generally be found in Europe

This is one example of an antifa group:
Antifa seems to have become the new scapegoat/scare word for conservatives.

It is also described as an organization, however this is simply untrue
by Donna tramp February 5, 2021
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The "organisation" that is always blamed by conservatives, trump supporters and other assholes when something like riot or terror happens in USA.
Trump supporter 1: „Hey! Have you seen that attack on Capitol?“
Trump supporter 2: „Yes... Clearly antifa did it!“
by sertralean January 17, 2021
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1. A group that was labeled as a terrorist organization, despite numerous videos and reports of white supremacy groups provoking them into violence.
2. A group the far right uses as an alibi for Charlottesville
3. A group which, although often uses violence, is portrayed by the mainstream media as anarchists and people who want to destroy our government, when in reality they want to get rid of that dumbass in the White House.
Members of antifa were provoked due to a white supremacist bringing pepper spray to a shield fight.
by WhatARandy December 11, 2017
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Antifa means anti fascism. Many people say it is an organization, but it’s not. It is simply an ideology.
He does not support fascism, that means he is antifa.
by TimaeusTestification September 28, 2020
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