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- A town with the best bagel shop in the world.

- A place where people wear flip-flops and short-sleeved polo shirts all year round.

- Thomas Jefferson's favorite child.
Aren't those people cold?
No, they're from Charlottesville.
by fdjago;psja March 03, 2009
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where all the cool kids are born. where UVA constantly kicks VT's sorry crack.
Ouch, UVA just totally dominated VT last night in charlottesville.
by cvillefolyfe January 27, 2009
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The most overrated town on earth.

A so-called "city" of about 40,000 people with a road infrastructure designed to handle a population 10% of its current size.
The most over priced real estate anywhere in the country. 500k will get you 1,200 square foot 3 bedroom cottage.

All of the headaches of living in a big city with none of the benefits: Traffic congestion like you wouldn't believe (most of the main roads in town are one lane), lines out the door and 2 hour wait times for your favorite restaurant, 90% of on street parking requires one of about 20 various types of parking permits, property owners will tow your car with glee, the most obnoxious and pompous local residents who think they're rich, and nothing to rent for below 1 grand a month.

The nearest actual city is D.C., about 2 hours away if you drive quickly and don't run into traffic. (You will, btw, as the only road to get to D.C. Is route 29 north, a sad excuse for a highway with traffic lights every 5 miles. Seriously, the road infrastructure in central VA sucks!)

The only real reason to come here is to go to school, as UVA is fairly highly ranked (No.24 according to U.S. News) but after you are finished with academia, get out of Charlottesville as fast as you can. Just don't go to North Korea. (Too early for that one?) I'm kidding. No but seriously this town sucks.
Tom: Have you been to Charlottesville? I'm thinking of applying to UVA!

Jane: Are you kidding me? Charlottesville is the worst! Apply to Georgetown instead!
by Mike Pence August 27, 2017
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1. Worst Place to live.

2. Worst food on earth.
3. Full of rich snobs who think that they're all that when they are shit.
4. A place where everyone does drugs.
5. Despite what everyone thinks worst bagles on earth!

6. Where UVa is located. UVa is full of rich kids who go out and get piss drunk on the weekends.
1. "Where do you live"

A: "A hell hole"


2. Sal's Pizza
3. "Hay, let's take my BMW to the mall and show off"
4. "Dawg, what are we doing tonight?"

A: "Weed"
5. "Man Bodos Bagles are awsome"

"Nah man, their shit"
6. UVa Student: "What are we doing this weekend"

Another UVA Student: "Let's go to Foxfield and get drunk as hell."
by anonymousxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx January 31, 2010
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A fucked up town that was apparently once voted "the best place on the east coast to raise a family" or some shit. A week later I watched 6 14 year olds who thought they were hardened criminals on a regular gang excursion throw bricks through the window of someone's BMW. Thomas Jefferson was an asshole. UVA sucks. Tech usually beats them. Take that you preppy shits.
Like, oh my gosh, lets drive our beamers down to the JPJ and see Justin Timberlake! And then take 2 hours to get 10 miles down the road to get back to school because Charlottesville is stupid. I was aiming for prep, but I'm clearly only an imposter.
by xnvc8erhjvk March 21, 2007
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To physically impact someone with a large force, usually with a vehicle.

This originates from an event in August 2017, when a man intentionally drove a car into a crowd of protesters in Charlottesville, VA (United States).
Passenger: Dude, this line of pre-schoolers crossing the street won't move, and now we'll be late for the party.
Driver: Alright, time to Charlottesville their asses.
*hits gas*
*thump* *thump*
Passenger: Awesome! Now we'll be on time for the party!
by FourMann February 04, 2018
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