short for anti-fascists
doesn't actually exist, although many trump supporters, republicans, and conservatives will argue otherwise
"bruh what"
by softboi_iida January 16, 2021
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a bunch of white domestic terrorist 18 - 29 year old soy boy non binary trans college kids who like to run around and beat up people with different political opinions under the guise of anti fascism.
"Hey who are those skinny kids in black burning that american flag?"

"ugh, probably antifa at it again"
by gbbiv October 19, 2020
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Also known as the Degenerate Plague, the revolting disease, the decay, the despair, the drug addled destruction.

The only known cure requires the use of a helicopter, but failing that putting backs on walls will suffice.
''I can't believe I just stepped in antifa!... Pass me that stick''
by Hi sniveling leftist cuck November 02, 2020
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Antifa is mostly a group of social rejects and they love to call you a nazi if you don't agree with their opinions.
They can't really argue and they just yell louder and louder.

Silly strings and stupid airhorns are their favorite weapons.
They think they can change the whole world but the truth is they don't know shit about how things work.

by Antifa_is_stupid June 21, 2017
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white supremacy
pro-fascist real nazi

losers who cant make it in this world so hate the rich

use blm for their own pleasure
my antifa hail um freedom..lets go blend in with BLM and burn down their neighbors yeah white power. while yelling n word and calling a brown republican group racist
by oneof2genders May 01, 2021
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Antifa, short for anti-fascist. A global empowering movement with strong ties to Germany, Italy, France, Denmark and other mostly European & Latin American countries who've experienced extreme forms of racism, fascism, bigotry, or even ethnic genocide.

A term used to describe anyone on earth who is united in standing against oppression, bigotry, sexism, fascism & racism in all its forms.

A broad all-encompassing umbrella term used by oppressed people to push back against their oppressors. A means to serve justice when hope for justice is bleak.

In America, it has given rise to the anti-antifa movement, which is really the surfacing of a group of neo-nazis, neo-fascists, neo-kkk, neo-confederate, extreme racists, anti-immigrant hate groups, quasi-nationalist white trash and other confederate flag-waving "this is my America" snowflakes.

To be anti antifa is to be pro-fascist, pro-racist, pro-sexist, pro-bigot, pro-nazi, pro-kkk, or rather, just a bigoted racist sexist fascist neo-nazis klan member, or what we call the "alt-right". They're either too stupid to realize that or too scared to say it to anyone but their fellow hillbillies. Their endearing toothless smiles and single pair of overalls don't even garner sympathy from anyone on planet eaeth. But, true to form, they think America is the center of the universe & antifa is something American rather than global. They think white is a race, and America should be white. Its a sad thing.
Example 1:
German: "we won't tolerate anymore fascism or racism from anyone"

American hillbilly: "we're white, and that means we're like the Nazis, if you're a true white"

German: "wtf is white?"

Example 2:

Antifa member: "I'm taking a stand against racism, sexism, fascism, bigotry, white nationalism, hillbillyism, & stupidity"

White trash: "oh yeah? Insult everyone I know will ya? Well then I'm taking a stand against you!"
by YakushijiTenzen June 22, 2017
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