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If you have an alibi ,you can prove that you were somewhere else when a crime was commited.
They alleged that she gave false alibis to the police about her husband's movements.
by Mitra June 09, 2007
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what you need to come up with when you're having a threesome with two hot chicks while your girlfriend is expecting you to take her out to dinner
Person 1: "Dude, what's your alibi gonna be?"
Person 2: "I was helping a blonde screw a lightbulb."
by happy dog April 12, 2006
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An Italian woman with a 10/10 ass. Also part of GIS (Pronounced Jizz)
Noob: I hate Alibi
Pro: Don't say that she might sit on you
by Psychopathic Kitty June 14, 2018
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