A rather unpleasant woman who appears on talk shows and spouts average conservative talking points with a healthy dose of invective and vitriol. She also writes books of questionable originality with more of the same. Coulter thrives on attention and is best ignored.
Person 1: Ann Coulter is coming to campus! Let's protest

Me: No, let's ignore her. Then she loses her power.
by duritz February 04, 2007
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A bitch who enjoys 2 girls 1 cup and gets off to 4 girls fingerpaint. She bashes Liberals and non-Christians for no apparent reason apart from inflating her own ego. A little-known fact is that she's a succubus, albeit an ugly one with a huge Adam's Apple because she used to be an incubus. She wrote a shitty book that no one read, because her supporters are too stupid to read. Her book is known in Germany as Mein Kampf.
That Ann Coulter should be hanged, drawn, and quartered. Each of the four quarters should be quartered as well and fed to piranhas. Whatever's left should serve four consecutive life sentences.
by Liberal Pride August 16, 2008
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The combined mucosal/fecal secretion that usually accompanies a bad case of hemorrhoids. The presence of Ann Coulter is usually preceded by insatiable itching and anal sphincter tissue inflamation. The presence of Ann Coulter should not be confused with the presence of Santorum although both terms could be easily interchangeable in casual conversation.
"Oh shit (literally), my hemorrhoids are so bad right now that I'm feeling that unclean feeling of Ann Coulter. Got any baby wipes on ya?"
by ovalbeach September 04, 2008
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