The Unseen (N.): One of the greatest punk bands out there in the 1990's until present day.
The Unseen played an amazing show.
by Aaron July 5, 2003
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The Unseen are one of the greatest modern day punk bands out there. They showed and are still showing true punk. They set an awesome example to other punk bands and show TRUE punk, not Green Day, Good Charlotte or Simple Plan. They take their music seriously, but still have time to fool around and make re-makes of songs that you wouldn't think a hardcore punk band would re-make. Such as 'Beat It' by Michael Jackson. They aren't afraid to state their opinions in words or in songs. Such as 'Fuck the KKK.'
The Unseen are a GREAT punk band; they're awesome live and love talking to fans after their shows.
by Lola Pie Punk January 2, 2006
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One of the best modern day punk bands around. They come from Boston and recently signed to Hellcat records.
John - "Man, the Unseen are the raddest band."
Jim - "Tru dat."
by cuntzilla February 22, 2005
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Unbelievable punk band, they are so great its not even funny.

There older stuff is really good (90's) The new stuff is ok, but not great...

The only negative is that they are from Boston so they must like the Red Sox...
The Unseen pwn lil noobs!!! hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha...just kidding...they suck at CS
by Peter V. December 8, 2005
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A bad ass person, who is trying to steal while crapping themselves.
The house hippo was trying to be unseenable.
by Radxhunter43 February 15, 2017
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Watched Transformers on his 18th birthday and stayed indoors posting on an internet forum.
Tim: Hey Fear, what did you do for your 18th? Got hammered right?

Unseen Fear: Nah me and some friends went to watch Transformers! Was well good, autobots and stuff, Megan Fox is hot lolz.

Tim: WTF?
by LukeMaNity August 18, 2008
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