Ann Coulter is just a young Bill O' Reilly with tits. (or is Bill O' Reilly just and old Ann Coulter with a dick) This blathering idiot is well past the help that normal
anti-depressant's are able to provide. Yes, the only things that could help this loathesome, insane and pompous creature are a constant supply of methaqualone or a full frontal lobotomy.
On November 8, 2006 Ann Coulter claimed in her nationally syndicated column. "The Democratic Party made pathetic gains in the November 7 midterm elections".
by Daddio478 November 10, 2006
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1. To have a vagina filled with sulfuric acid and rusty razor blades for walls, and masturbate with a cheese grater while watching videos on the holocaust.

2. A crypto-fascist, vitriolic, tranny ham pundit who fits the qualities of the above definition.

3. Proof that having a Juris Doctor doesn't mean shit in the intellectual category (i.e. being unable to cite sources and having a natural tendency to interview hacks like William Dembski instead of looking at both sides of the argument in an intellectually honest manner, thus leading to intentional confirmation bias)

4. An apologist for every scummy thing to ever come out of the far right.
Ann Coulter: proof that, despite widespread prejudice and persecution, the transsexual community can find cushy jobs within the right-wing punditocracy.
by beazley September 14, 2009
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1. A crazy-arsed bitch out of hell who bashes democrats the same way the KKK does blacks, Hispanics, Jews, and homosexuals. Also drawing fire from both parties for calling John Edwards a 'faggot', then claiming it was only a 'joke.

2. A racist, close-minded homophobe who has been fired from a few places and who has pissed off many people.

3. The process of being a stupid bitch.
Betty: Did you hear what Lucy said about gay people in class the other day?

Stan: She's such an Ann Coulter.

Betty: She said it was just a joke.

Stan: She and her stupid-arse politics are the joke. Here's hoping she never takes over the country or it will be a fascist free-for-all
by Megan-Molly March 05, 2007
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(n) A vile, repulsive, inaccurate, devoid, hypocritical terrorist.

Derived from the "self-proclaimed" expert on everything, Ann Coulter. One of the most ignorant conservatives that ever existed, as demonstrated by disgustingly inaccurate and repulsive ramblings. Living proof that many ultra-conservatives are fundamentalist ignorant hypocrites.

This type of humanoid expels unsubstantiated, inaccurate, and vague babble from a "mouth-like" hole in a "face-like" object to promote hatred for and generate fear in anyone who disagrees with them. Intelligent humans are disgusted by this sack of bile.

(v) To spew terroristic, vile, repulsive, hypocritical, unsubstantiated, inaccurate, and/or vague babble while proclaiming to be "The" expert on the subject.
That Ann Coulter at Wal-Mart said anyone who disagrees with him should be executed.

He pulled an Ann Coulter when he said those people should be executed for disagreeing with him.
by Serenity777 August 28, 2009
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An ann counler or simply a coulter, Someone, particularly or usually a woman who is so ugly on the inside that it shows on the outside. Also a term for rotting fruit as often fruit rots from the inside out. A bitter or personality challenged person/woman.
Person 1: Ewww, did you see her? She looks like she swallowed a whole barrel of lemons, she looks like ann coulter...
Person 2: Yeah a real coulter

Med Student 1: How was that open ass surgery...the coulter hemorriods we had to watch being extracted?
Med Student 2: Yeah, it was so coulter I felt sick!
by Goodnight Dick November 12, 2006
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