1. Ann Coulter is a ridiculously right-wing person, probably the most vile, vitriolic woman to ever have been allowed any amount of air-time on national television (except perhaps Roseanne), and most likely the anti-Christ. A number of books have been crapped out by this "woman" (I tend to think of her as a horse with makeup), none of which bear any resemblance to reality.
2. A generic term for a horrible, horrible person.
1. Try not to stare, dear, that woman can't help it - she's Ann Coulter.

2. So, you're racist, sexist, stupid, and Republican? Gosh, what an Ann Coulter.
by Wambooli June 02, 2005
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Scifiscientists in North Korea have successfully cloned one of these pieces of pond scum.

They have named it "CLUNT".
"Me nam iss Weedo Fookyoo.
We mak fellow Mellican hateress inna doll form.
We use grapfroot for adam apull.
Mellican call ting ann coulter.
We call new ting CLUNT after original."
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An honest, witty, intelligent and insightful conservative writer who effectively communicates the right-wing message and proves that liberals are wrong about everything... just kidding!
Ann Coulter called Katie Couric "the affable Eva Braun of morning TV" just because she's jealous that Katie is 4 years older and 10 inches shorter yet 20 times hotter than her.
by rustyshackleford October 17, 2007
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