To rule with an iron fist is to harshly punish anyone or thing that bends the law at all. There are no technicalities, and there are no mercies granted.
by Kung-Fu Jesus April 19, 2004
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an expression meaning "harshly", "strictly", or "ruthlessly"
The dictator rules his country with an iron fist: any protests or criticism of the government is punished by death.
by The Cream of the Crop May 7, 2017
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To forcibly insert one's fist into a woman's vagina or person's asshole with the intent of utterly taking over and causing damage to the respective region's walls and/or lining.
That limp Billy's walking with isn't from sodomy! Didn't you hear that Frank was iron fisting him last night? Iron fisting him right up the butt.
by Aidan Nulman February 20, 2007
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Marvel Comics kung fu billionaire superhero who is made of omnipotence and win.
I'm rich and powerful and my fist lights up. I'm Iron Fist.
by Sklooby March 20, 2008
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The act of taking ones hand and clenching it into a tight fist with the properties of iron at which point it is then thrusted into the rectum of a unsuspecting target, causing irepairable anal damage and an odd, humiliating sexual pleasure.
"My bitch likes it hot, Iron Fist style."
"...dude your fucked up."

"You ready to be fisted?"
"Yes but no lube."

"Anyone like Tekken?"
"You sick fuck!"
by The Iron Fister September 23, 2008
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When you punch so much hard shit, That your knuckles break down, and grow back stronger..
Dave has iron fists, your head won't stop them..
by Krazi D January 6, 2005
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