The act of taking an unreasonably-high number of "turn to the side, please" mug-shots of Blacks, Hispanics, Muslims, Jews, etc., due to one's prejudice against said minorities.
While racial profiling is indeed wrong and humiliating, taking excessive numbers of head-on photos of non-Caucasians is disgraceful and demeaning, also.
by QuacksO November 22, 2019
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is used to describe any action, by an individual or institution, that singles out minorities for unfavorable, discriminatory treatment.
DWB driving while black: driving while brown; FWA: flying while Arab
by Nicole March 13, 2005
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bullshit we r the hate and the evil u gave us! Did u know a coloured person is 10 times more likely 2 be searched by a policeman. --- so why do u think they have the most recorded crimes. White mans world! they can control everything that goes down!
brotha 1: why is there point in racial profiling, we r all human and should be classed not by our colour, skin dont mean nothin, its about how warm your heart is.
brotha 2: They have given us 2 much hate I think we should be violent and blow up in their face. There is no such thing as a non violent revolution
brotha 1: what do u mean they. We all brothas
brotha 2 :We different, in Amerikkka we get treted different so we should act different and bust back to society!
by waqar May 15, 2004
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