Ex: time leaps forward

Incorrect usage: time flies forward(this is a use of a less hear of literary term, avification.)
by MikeR April 15, 2004
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really can't imagine why you're looking this up on the urban dictionary, but it's a literary term that makes an inatimate object seem alive.
the lake rolled around uneasily in it's bed, waiting to awake and attack the citizens.
by pocahontas October 28, 2003
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1. Somebody who embodies something: an embodiment or perfect example of something.

2. A representation of an abstract quality or notion as a human being, especially in art or literature.

3. The attribution of human qualities to objects or abstract notions.
by Jafje September 12, 2007
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Bang, Wallop, Crash, Boom, Twonk
The Personification of the car is Boom.
by Tivsta June 22, 2006
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A creature created by imagination, often originally deriving from solar rituals but adapting to fit the times. Examples include Death, the Sandman, the Soul-Cake Duck, the Tooth Fairy...and the Hogfather.
"Says here 'Implied Creation Of Anthropomorphic Personification.' What's that mean?"
"Er...I think Hex has tried to work out the answer."
by Ukulelelike February 1, 2013
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