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Paris Hilton: TX: (PAIR-ass HEIL-tun)
1. A lazy rich bimbo/snob who thinks s(he) can do whatever s(he) wants because his/her Capitalist Pig daddy can pay for it. Aka The American Dream gone out of whack.

2. A bad word.

Paris Hilton: living proof that cash ain't everything.
Example 1. <The President's family is just full of Paris Hiltons.>

Example 2. <The Boston Strangler once murdered someone by stabbing her up the Paris Hilton.>
by El_Haggis September 10, 2006
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Arguably the worst English king in history, famous for having his arse whooped in battles such as Sterling Bridge and Bannockburn.

Here is a list of some of the peoples he opressed and murdered:
The Welsh
The Jews
The Scots
The Clergy
The Nobles
The Peasants
by El_Haggis September 11, 2006
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Historicaly, russia has actually been a very strong country. The person who posted above forgot to list the people who the Russians pwned, aka the Teutonic Knights, the Mongols (eventually, after being beaten by the Mongols for a couple of centuries), King Charles of Sweden, the Prussians, Napoleon, and the Nazis.

Even with all that, Russia, is growing weaker nowadays, mainly because of all the restrictions that other countries put on it.
But I have a hunch that Putin will become the next Tsar of all the Russias.
by El_Haggis September 13, 2006
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The Germanic-speaking descendants of three tribes, the Angles, Saxons, and Jutes, who came from Denmark, northwestern Germany, and Holland, who settled in what are now England and southern Scotland in the fifth century, displacing the native Celts. Though they had close cultural ties with Scandinavia, they were on the recieving end of the Viking Raids from 793 to 1066, when the Anglo-Saxon government (now mostly under the control of Vikings) was annihilated by the Normans, a powerful group of French-speaking Vikings.
Beowulf is a notable example of Anglo-Saxon verse.
by El_Haggis September 12, 2006
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A people who have the guts to disagree with Bush. Unlike most other Western European countries, they have never been at war with the USA, and have been actively allied with us in the Revolutionary War and World War I.

The battlefield of Europe: The French generally dislike war due to the fact that almost half of the battles of modern Europe were fought of French soil, and the French civilians have perished by it, on their land, for over two millenia.

The second country (America was the first) to have a major revolution which favored Democracy (it didn't work out all that well). They even gave us an enormous statue for that fact.
by El_Haggis September 11, 2006
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1. What francophobes call Le Grande-armee.
2. What France hasn't done in a while.
3. Something that hasn't happened in a very long time.
Napoleon's Frogmarch soundly defeated armies from Russia and Austria at the Battle of Austerlitz.

Germany has invaded France again, they've taken Chirac prisoner, and are currently busy rebuilding the Bastille and melting down the Eiffel Tower for ammo! Looks like time for a Frogmarch!

Our Government's being honest to the people?! That's a Frogmarch!

FOOTNOTE: This is a joke; I don not hate or scorn the French (though I can understand why some people do), and I do not call the French "Frogs" in everyday life. If you care to read my honest view on France and its people, go to (French).
by El_Haggis September 12, 2006
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Hobo on drag and reaccuring Mayoral candidate commonly seen in downtown Austin, TX. Is probably now richer than Michael Dell.

Aggies often seem to use this fact to make very pathetic and off-center steriotypes about Austinites.
by El_Haggis September 10, 2006
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