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A wiki website that also provides information to people that participate in useless fictional debates in vs forums. This website focuses mainly on anime, manga and visual novel characters. However, they tend to fan wank the living hell out of anime and manga characters and stories and downplay anything that isn't made in Japan. In other words, the people in this website are massive, obsessive weeaboos, otakus and anime fantards.
Anime Characters Fight is a wikia with massive fantards of anime that will downplay anything that isn't Japanese and fan wank anime, manga, eroge and visual novels to astronomical proportions.
by Wahrsager350 July 12, 2015
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The place that is filled with fanatics, wannabe environmentalists, fake ecologists, racists, misogynists, misandrists, illiterate idiots, consiracy theorists, misanthropes, SJWs, feminazis, madmen (and madwomen), weeaboos, otakus, the mentally ill and idiots in general arguing with each other about trivial stuff that is of little to no importance in the real world. Not only that but these youtube comment sections are sometimes filled with illiteracy and poor grammar that will be enough to make professors cringe and develop drinking problems. In fact, these sections can make anyone develop drinking problems due to the sheer stupidity, fanaticism, racism, and hatred that can be found within them. Usually, these people have little to no idea about what they're talking about and the stuff that comes out of their mouths sound like fanatical, zealous, radical bullshit. Avoid this place at all costs unless you want to lose some brain cells or to lose your faith in humanity.
Youtube comments is a place that is full of insane people and fanatics arguing about unimportant bullshit.
by Wahrsager350 July 27, 2015
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An acronym for Pasadena City College. But it should stand for political correctness center or something like that considering how this school is filled with politically correct morons. Literally, there are tons of social justice warriors or SJWs crawling around that easily get butthurt about anything and everything.
PCC is an acronym for a community college with a bunch of morons running around.
by Wahrsager350 July 12, 2015
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A crappy educational institution where virtually anyone can enter. Pretty much any nutcase or dumbass can join. Most people in community colleges are butthurt wannabe SJWs that are ultra politically correct to the point of retardation, but however, people such as rednecks, hillbillies, racists and other morons can also join.
Community colleges are infested with SJWs, rednecks with low IQ scores and other atrocities.
by Wahrsager350 July 22, 2015
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A 1986 comedic Japanese anime film. At the time, it was considered to be an ecchi anime. The anime essentially parodies and satirizes various genres of fiction such as the superhero genre, the fantasy genre, the space opera genre and other science fiction genres. After its debut, 3 sequels also followed. These original films were pretty much a big excuse for the main protagonist to destroy and wreck things.

The only reason why anyone would watch Project A-Ko is due to the "Project A-Ko the Versus" OVA which came in 2 parts: The Grey Side and the Blue Side. This OVA has one of the most powerful anime characters around in the form of the Dragon God, which is, well, a 3-headed dragon deity which tried to destroy the universe as well as the other alternate universes. Pretty much, this OVA is one big giant excuse for the Dragon God to wreck things.
Project A-Ko is a giant excuse for the characters to wreck things.
by Wahrsager350 July 9, 2015
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A cool science fiction that generally takes place in outer space. Generally, space opera places more emphasis on the characters, the plot and the adventures rather than on the technology. The space adventures are also normally romanticized, melodramatic, "swash-buckling" and epic.

Examples of space opera:

-The "Green Lantern" comics by Geoff Johns (before his writing turned into crap)

-Jim Starlin's tales involving Thanos and Adam Warlock for Marvel Comics

-Jeff Lemire's "Trilium" series for Vertigo comics

-Rick Remender's "Fear Agent" series

-Various Image Comics series such as "Descender", "Saga", and others

-Star Wars

-Star Trek

-The anime Cowboy Bebop

-The anime Heroic Age
Space opera is a pretty cool science fiction genre that has epic, melodramatic adventures in outer space.
by Wahrsager350 July 9, 2015
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