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A 'best girl' is a female character in an anime or video game series that is subjectively chosen to be the 'best.' The term 'best girl' is used by fans to express their opinion on their favorite character being superior to others based on individual traits they may possess, as well as their abilities.
'Who was the best girl in the series?'
'Well I'm not sure but I think it's definitely X.'
'No, Y was better. She was more mature and got along better with the main character.'
by Johnny sensei July 05, 2016
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Being an alternative to waifu, a bestgirl is ones favourite character in an anime or a manga
memer1: Krulcifer Einfolk is bestgirl
memer2: You need a real girlfriend instead of a waifu
memer1: Fuck off, 2d girls are better
memer2: Sure but you cant fuck your computer
memer1: I can use a fleshlight while browsing pictures on my computer
memer2: ggwp
by xXx_dank.otaku420_xXx September 02, 2016
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Old slang (dating at least as far back as 1927) meaning "girlfriend." Preferable in some ways for implying that she's not the only girlfriend, just your best.
"I was necking at the drive-in with my best girl."
by inkdrinker January 16, 2004
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someone who will be your best man at your own wedding. usually petty.
wow, you really are my best girl.
by manjeetthebomb November 21, 2018
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