The weirdest misspelling on the internet. I don't know if people do it to be cute or because they don't proofread. But it baffles me for a good minute every time I see it.

Unless you're talking in degrees, just, just don't, okay?
Person 1 and Person 2 are chatting over a random image

Person 1: Check this out.
Person 2: Oh sweet dude, I love the angle.
Person 1: I mean... it's a pretty standard angle...
Person 2: I mean the character.
Person 1: You mean the ANGEL?
by Dusk Ealain May 31, 2018
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Someone who looks very based on the angle they are viewed at. From one angle, someone may appear to be attractive. While at another angle, the same person can appear to unattractive.
Guy 1:
"Dude, this chick seems pretty hot!"

Guy 2:
"No man, not from where I'm standing. The girl's got angles."
by AlexP September 15, 2007
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Tom "Man you just kicked the shit though us"
by Michael Roche February 20, 2008
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A common thing said to annoy people named โ€œangelโ€ by switching the last two letters in their name.
Joe: Hey have you seen angle?
Angel: bruh.
by Bruhmomentsans October 21, 2019
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saying you'll be there when you're not going to be
blatantly saying follow alex car
normally followed by an excuse one hour or so later
Stan:He just pulled an angle!
Kyle:You bastard guy!
by theangledictionary April 18, 2006
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The curves on a womens body that are noticeable
ooo. that girl right thurr has got the angles
by randal dandles April 07, 2006
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