The act by women who are masters of utilizing MySpace "angles" to create a facade of beauty in order to trick men.
"Victoria is a level 20 expert at angling, and uses her powers to trick underage boys."

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by superchild July 07, 2006
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Conversation maneuver used by someone with an agenda to get a specific piece of information without direct questioning.
He was angling to discern if I called the police or not once I noticed my watch had been stolen.
by iKnewB4U August 01, 2020
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Pics taken at different angles, that form the illusion of beauty when in reality the subject of the picture is horribly disgusting looking
Nick - I finally going to meet that girl I've been chattin with online all year.
Mike - Oh yea, whats she look like?
Nick - *shows Mike the pics*
Mike - Oh man, She Has The Angles!
*******************Next Day*****************
Nick - Holy Shit, remember the girl i went to meet last night?
Mike - Yeah?
Nick - She was about 500 lbs, was bald, retarted, She looked like a Yeti.Ooh yeah her name was Kalis... isnt a kalis something you get on the bottom of your foot...
by Nick Reyes March 15, 2006
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The word boys use to call you but their dumb and don't know how to spell "angel"
Alec- wow she's perfect, such an angle
by wowthatsgreat April 05, 2017
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Someone who's ugly but takes pictures at different angles so that they look pretty and then posts them on myspace.
by lilg935 May 09, 2006
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The weirdest misspelling on the internet. I don't know if people do it to be cute or because they don't proofread. But it baffles me for a good minute every time I see it.

Unless you're talking in degrees, just, just don't, okay?
Person 1 and Person 2 are chatting over a random image

Person 1: Check this out.
Person 2: Oh sweet dude, I love the angle.
Person 1: I mean... it's a pretty standard angle...
Person 2: I mean the character.
Person 1: You mean the ANGEL?
by Dusk Ealain May 31, 2018
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