Another catch phrase that dumb people say to sound smart.
Example: Hi, "and with that said" Have a nice day!
by G~No April 3, 2016
He does very cool flips
Fast runner
Cool dude
Said just did a 720 backflip
by bigboye69 April 8, 2021
Sa'id (also spelled Saeed, Saeid, Said, Sid, or Sayid, Arabic: سعيد , Sa'īd) is a male Arabic given name, which means "happy". For the female version, see Saida; for the Turkish variant, see Sait; for the Bosnian variant, see Sejad. Said or Sid is the spelling used in most latin languages.
ryad: hey said what does your name even mean?
said: its a Arabic name, meaning 'happy' or 'lucky'
ryad: well you don't seem very lucky to me
by urban_master123 April 17, 2017
1) idiomatic redundancy intended to emphasize what the speaker has just spoken while having the opposite effect by diminishing the relevance of their discourse by multiples of the numbler of times it is invoked.
2) verbal tic which indicates the speaker isn't listening to their own blather
3) nonsensical space filler; lesser variant of "uh" or "um"
4) verbal equivalent of checking one's nails
i empowered my client by suggesting the pricepoint they argued would be impactful to the sale of their home. that said, oh- look, a garbage truck.
by lexicali slim September 26, 2009
Used to refer back to something or someone mentioned earlier. Mainly used in law in place of words such as aforementioned, though picked up by college-aged people in an attempt to sound smart. It is often used incorrectly to reference that which someone else has mentioned in a conversation.
Likely popularized and picked by many up from the Pirates of the Caribbean film trilogy.
Jack Sparrow: The rum is gone. Damnit.

Unmemorable character: Said alcohol is gone.
by Sir Rosis August 16, 2008
a hot, selfish prick. a rich, pampered individual with a grande penis and a marathon tongue. young enough to do it often, old enough to do it right. has no time for petty drama and emotional hysterics. GRANDE!
Sarah: "you really know Said?!?!"

Ashley: "yeah!!!!"

Sarah: "how?"

Ashley: "he was standing behind in the movie theater line, with Megan Fox. he breathed on the back of my neck and i immediately gizzed in my pants. i haven't showered since......"

Sarah: " lucky!"
by Sydney Shores July 14, 2009
Refering to a previous object spoken during dialouge.
"We went to Jim's house and when we arrived at said house I got the ass beating of a life time at said house."
by Mike February 17, 2005