47 definitions by lexicali slim

difficult, confused or indecipherable communication by use of emoticon or worse, emoticons
all i asked was "how are you" and i got this sort of sideways chinese-guy-with-a-mustache-looking emoticonundrum in response
by lexicali slim September 23, 2009
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confused attempt to communicate by use of punctuation keys on a device with a complete alphabetical keyboard.
;/* i perceive as some sort of comment however emoticonvoluted
by lexicali slim September 23, 2009
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A virus of the body politic which compromises judgment induces moral fatigue and causes child rape.
Dear Leader was Alex Acosted by the news of this latest bout of Epstein-Barr Syndrome.
by lexicali slim July 8, 2019
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noun, pl- cies
a system of governance of, for and by women, notably of the objectionable type who thrive on such a system, common to the offices of insurance companies, law offices, healthcare providers and (insert violent, uncontrollable wretching) the bureau of motor vehicles. intolerant to creative solutions, marked by a rigid inflexibilty, antithetical to growth or change, these systems are entrenched by way of a dogmatic adherence to the principle of inertia. like a bad marriage, an estrogenocracy thrives on discord, negativity, vindictiveness and a collective will to affect every aspect of the ostensible mission with the literal and figurative spray of urine. once in effect an estrogenocracy is nigh impossible to dislodge and certain to remain an impediment to a cheerful, productive and pleasant workplace.
oy gevalt, i must renew my driver's license. better is should stick a fork in my eye than venture into that reeking estrogenocracy of the bmv.
by lexicali slim September 26, 2009
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grammatically awkward reference to a gang of putative bad actors
"we will rid the world of the evil doers"

rush limbaugh's maid is an evil doer to cause him to become addicted to prescription pain killers

anyone who disagrees with glenn beck is an evil doer
by lexicali slim September 20, 2009
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beautiful, alluring, large lady with a twist
i'm feeling mixalot spunky for some amazon funky
by lexicali slim September 17, 2009
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the opinion which dare not speak its name despite centuries of fighting and dying in the cause of my right to speak it.
q:what happened to your windshield?
a:i'm guessing it's a comment on my "truck the foops" bumper sticker
by lexicali slim September 20, 2009
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