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the opinion which dare not speak its name despite centuries of fighting and dying in the cause of my right to speak it.
q:what happened to your windshield?
a:i'm guessing it's a comment on my "truck the foops" bumper sticker
by lexicali slim September 20, 2009
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phenomenon whereby nothing new ever actually happens. millions of angry, brainless, slack-jawed simpletons monopolize every bit of bandwidth extant texting their frustration about this intolerable state of affairs because they believe there must be a reason for their lot, ergo the atmosphere is rent and the culture shifted. the mindless uninspired who insist on affixing a title and definition to a perennial state of nothingness are proof that nothing is ever new. one day it's nascar, the next day teaparties.
it's like- oh, my god- i'm like totally freaking out. peace out, orange county, i'm like so totally over this culture shift.
by lexicali slim February 27, 2010
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1) literal bastardization of the mindless pronouncement
"do what?" which serves as comment, question and answer issued involuntarily from the mouths of the mullet-wearing masses of the lower ranks of the american states.
2) an autonomic response to any stimuli including pabst blue ribbon
3) do what?
beef, borf, boof, pablst blue ribbon! dewwhuut?
by lexicali slim September 26, 2009
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intrinsic definition of metrosexual, an idiomatic obfuscation of asexual or sexual in any manner about which one is confused or ashamed.
emotional dishonesty+cheap shoes=geo metrosexual
by lexicali slim September 21, 2009
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one who charts the physical whereabouts of asians or acts as a divinator of things asian.
i'm looking for a thai restaurant. is there an orienteer in the house?
by lexicali slim September 15, 2009
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1) a pox of greed and heedless aquisition marked by
2) earth chancre, an open sore on the planet's crust which often runs bone deep.
3) a condition of decrepitude wrought of abuse and abandonment
4) extreme stultification which, when left unchecked, afflicts its victims with eustace tilley syndrome marked by stove pipe hats and chronic monocle dependency with their noses in the air as if they had not a care.
ever since phelds podge took hold i can't read barron's without my monocle
by lexicali slim September 20, 2009
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egregious, patently absurd public relations campaign proffered by mining companies to reaffirm you are as ignorant as they think you are if you believe there is such a thing as clean coal
clean coal = dirty air
by lexicali slim September 27, 2009
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