Mad, upset, Disturbed, Angry, Unhappy
Kim's mom told her she had to do the dishes before she could get online. Kim didnt like it too well and got the ass
by SherryB September 15, 2007
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To have been given the ass, Aussie slang for getting the sack - being fired.
Guy 1: Word from front office is you're hanging on to your job by a pubic hair, better shape up.

Guy 2: Shut up, i've just got the ass this morning.
by Bourke February 17, 2008
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Something with a firm, sturdy substantial structure.
Robb: "What kind of cracker would you like with this tuna dip?"
Jim: "I prefer a Triscuit over some other flimsy cracker."
Robb: "Yeah, a Triscuit has got some ass on it."
by wifeoftriscuitlover April 14, 2010
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When the result of an insulting joke is on you. This term is used to describe your misfortune. It is often used in a loud voice to let surrounding persons know of your failure or embarrassment; something you know you cannot undo or escape. Also used to spitefully point out and enjoy the humiliation of another.
cop lights flashing, car pulled over

car full of young people going by: Haha Got cho' ass

Mother scolds child after waiting up for them past curfew

other child upstairs in room content with sibling's humiliation: Ooooh got cho' ass :)
by Chrysantharose April 28, 2013
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The term to describe getting someones ass or the action of slaughtering underprivileged children.
After Baker and I beat up the handicap kids, we said to each other: "Got His Ass"
by Bob Tibbles November 23, 2006
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Dude was a pedophile and was sentenced to prison, and got his ass packed by BIG Bubba!
by dmillswvu82 February 24, 2023
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