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a pop star who claims to be punk. she doesn't write her own music, doesn't play an instrument, and is a horrible singer.
by ro May 11, 2003

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an addition to what your saying.
I bought my shoes today and shit.
by Ro August 30, 2004

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the perfect girl.

smart, sexy, has goals in life, isn't stuck up, perfect hair, bra size, the way her shirts fit her,dresses,
outfits. how her pants fit each and every section of her curves.

its just unbelievable
she's past a dime
she's a dime plus 2 pennies
"Yo man,yesterday at the club i danced with this girl who was beyond a dime"

"WTF, wuts better than a dime?? and please don't say quarter."

"LOL, no man, she was a dime plus 2 pennies"

"LMAO, that would work"
by Ro September 02, 2004

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To participate in perusing bargains on Ebay. The act of 'ebaying' - One of the known symptoms of compulsive addictive behaviour.
Me: "So, what have you been up to this weekend?"
Friend: "Practising music, studying, ebaying"
by Ro July 04, 2004

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An insult used by idiots, to hide their jelousy, very lame excuse for being dumb.
Amilia: What did you get in science?
Amilia: I don't talk to boffins! Get out of ma face you geek! (sticks hand in Ro's Face
by Ro June 21, 2004

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A economic and social system which is rearely correctly understood, but is seemed like it is by idiots who can't handle reading Marx's writing. Commonly forgeotten that New morality is a key part of communism, forgotten mainly because most people interpert communism from the point of view from a 1950's government flick or a Economics textbook (hint: Economics teaches you good capitalism)
Kennedy was a commie and Nixon was framed
by ro March 11, 2003

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short for "Can I Pinch You?

girl:so what are you doing today?
boy: don't know but...cipy?
girl: no you creep face,Cipy?
boy: .....
by ro November 18, 2008

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