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makes any statement, no matter how benign, friendly, or seemingly soft sound a bit more tougher.
It is very beautiful outside today, the sun is shinning, and the air feels so gentle on my skin, and shit.
by cliffj February 04, 2014

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Of, or pertaining to a flaccid penis.
I went home with Tim, but nothing happened, he had a bad case of mush caca.
by cliffj October 09, 2013

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Hipsterfication; a process whereby a bunch of tools, posing as cools, invade an area and turn it into stupidville.
The Hipsterfication Echo Park, while disgusting, has add the benefit of reducing crime, and bring more police attention to gangs in that area. While overall this is a good thing, I believe that over time the hipsters will prove to be much harder to endure than any street gang
by cliffj August 30, 2013

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The romantical acts leading up to boning with the understanding that it's just for the sex.
Our bonemance was short, intense and well worth the effort, he's so bonemantical.
by cliffj August 26, 2014

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Is the process whereby one drops ones rear end like it's hot, knees spread, and commences to twerk in a semi seated position.
Eagleing occurs when one drops down and gets their Eagle on.
by cliffj August 30, 2013

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