A term used to refer to a person who feels a need to be in control of all aspects of his or her surroundings. Or, in other words, an anal retentive person "can't let go of shit."
My anal retentive parents won't let me leave the house without leaving them with an address, name, and phone number for my destination.
by Jonathan May 9, 2004
One who is excessively insistent upon the smallest detail of something, usually through ignorance or taking things too literally.
"Here's an entry reccomended for deletion because it's not 'urban'. And here's an entry reccomended for delition because it's not written as if in a dictionary. I do think these anal-retentives are quite missing the point of Urban Dictionary."
by Shanya Almafeta November 18, 2004
A term based on the second phase of psychosexual development described by Freud (and appended by Erickson).

Used in modern times to describe a person blessed with nit-picking abilities.
"harness that anus, shower it with gifts for one day it's fruit may stand between us and complete destruction."
by Cortical Homunculus May 14, 2004
A fixation on neatness developed from the Freudian "anal stage", otherwise though of as the "potty training years". Where the fixation stems from either not enough or too much pushing into potty training and cleanliness as a child.
He/she is anal retentive if everything must be placed perfectly, or if something is moved he/she becomes anxious. "neat freak"
by stormbourne December 13, 2003
Person/persons who obviously have something stuck up their butt, but (no pun intended) feel the need to take it out on everyone else! These people also must have everything "just so" and if it isn't, oh there's gonna be anal retentive hell to pay, (i.e. nagging, bitching, complaining, delegating tasks/chores, and other various bossy crap too long to mention here.
He/she is so anal retentive they freak out at the sight of anything that isn's "just so"
by Anonymous November 21, 2003
An individual who is tightly constricted in the asshole for some reason and is not afraid to show the world it; Is also completely concerned with detail to levels here to fore seen only in Nazi Germany: A basically utight, overwrought control freak. Usually Repressed to the Nth Degree.
by J. Michael REiter July 6, 2003
Person/persons who obviously have something up their butt, but (no punn intended) feel the need to take it out on everyone else who is undeserving. These people must have everything thing "just so" , in order and are consumed w/ detail. If things aren't going "their way", they will often resort to nagging, bitching, complaining and even delegating tasks/chores in order to have order/control.

Also associated w/ but not limited to control freak and meticulous
He/she is so anal retentive that they flip-a-bitch at the very sight of anything that is not "just so" and must organize immediately!
by Anonymous November 21, 2003