Contration of anally retentive. An insult.
Joe gets really retentive about his car, dont touch it!
by erienion January 27, 2005
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a stupid word that justin made up and nobodie knows it :P
umm jsutin :P
by midgit seeker April 2, 2003
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In general, from the Latin, it means "holding back" The word is used in Medicine for constipation, an impaction of the large intestine by feces. It also refers to the closure of the bladder resulting in an awful bursting pain, because not a drop of urine will come out. That can happen by taking in too many liquids, ignoring the need to piss for hours, and having the full bladder rest on the urethra thus closing it down or having an enlarged prostate pressing on the same tube that empties the bladder. Many drugs, such as cough syrup and some antidepressants, cause temporary retention. Recreational drugs such as ecstasy, morphine, codeine and heroin and methadone may close down the bladder, sometimes for 24 hours. Surgery near the bladder area may upset the local nerves and may lead to retention of urine for 24 to 48 hours or more.
One of my friends took a lot of ecstasy at at a party. After about 5 hours he had a terrible need to empty his bursting bladder. He couldn't pass any pee, not a drop. That went on for 18 hours until he could urinate. That retention led him to give up drugs. Last year I had a hernia operation. After I came to, a beautiful nurse palpated my bladder area and found I had retention of urine. I hadn't gone for about 10 hours. I said I'll go to the toilet. Nothing would come out. I was glad when she held my penis, catheterized me, and emptied out about a quart of piss. Retention of urine is no fun not even when a good looking nurse opened me up.
by Ivy League 82 October 14, 2009
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Not masturbating or having sex. Many people beleive this will help you be more masculin if you are a man, along with other benifits.
by Ctsdj November 14, 2019
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A trait in which people are so holier-than-thou, they can’t endure soiling their hands with anything that falls outside their fanatical religious beliefs.
“Wow, that preacher dude wouldn’t even touch my band’s CD because the cover was red and black, which he says are the colors of Satan!

“You know that guy is totally angel retentive.”
by Bad Beth and Beyond July 4, 2020
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Stoid, fixed in own ways, unchanging, perfectionist.
He has to do everything 'just so' - He is so anally retentive!
by nusye December 15, 2003
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