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When someone describes something loosely, either due to a lack of more descriptive vernacular, or more commonly, they are being vague because they are afraid to confront a person or situation with how they actually feel. People are sometimes ambiguous because their true opinion is brash, rare, too personal, and they either simply haven't the confidence to share it, or sharing it would result in Too Much Information which could prove damaging for either party in the conversation. Ambiguity is common today in things like status messages and news headlines where the writer wants to paint a topic with a broad brush. Politicians are often ambiguous on talking points that they may wish to later flip-flop on.
i.e. status message: "I strongly dislike arrogant people", denotes a value that could use some elaboration, but would probably be too divisive or damaging to share, and so it is purposefully ambiguous.

i.e. "the massage parlour bill had an ambiguous charge added to it"
by tangledweb November 16, 2013
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common mispronounciation of the word "integral", which means "necessary to make a whole complete; essential or fundamental."
"landing the plane is an intregal part of successful flight"

"math is integral to ensuring the appropriate dose"

the first example contains the wrong spelling, whereas the second example shows the right spelling.
by tangledweb November 18, 2013
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1. The response a Georgia Tech management major receives from a non-management major during introductions.

2. A natural physical reflex, similar to vommitting.

3. A way for a non-management major to express his superiority over a management major.

4. A word that is often followed by a series of poorly-executed "saves," such as "that's cool" or "I gotcha."

5. Similar to, although not as severe as, the UGA 'Oh...' which occurs when a Georgia Tech student meets a UGA student.

See also m-train and tech trolley.

Student A: "Hey. What's up? I'm George."

Student B: "Hey. I'm Burdell. How's it going?"

Student A: "Good."

Student B: "So, what major are you?"

Student A: "Management. What about you?"

Student B: "Oh... I gotcha. Um, I'm mechanical engineering."

Student A: "Nice."

Student A: (thinks to himself) "I hate The Management 'Oh...'. Maybe I should transfer to UGA, where the business school is lower-ranked but is somehow worshiped there."
by tangledweb April 29, 2009
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