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A Senior from the previous school year that should be a freshmen in college or sticking around the town in which their parents reside in. Usually hangs out with High Schoolers or has a High School girlfriend and hangs out her with everyday.
Me: "Damn is that Kyle? He graduated like three years... He went to Community College and dropped out."

Friend: "Yeah man he's such a Super Senior."
by chillinbrah August 21, 2011
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Having a double meaning pertaining to a person. If talking about a girl meaning that she doesn't get what is really going on and what you're wanting to do. Sort of like misleading.
"Damn bro she keeps acting ambiguous when I want to have sex with her".

Don't be so ambiguous girl ;)
by chillinbrah January 21, 2011
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Exactly what "True love at first sight" is but to a lusty extent. Without all the feelings of love but lust.
Dude, whenever I saw her and looked her in the eyes for the first time... It was like true fuck at first sight.
by chillinbrah July 31, 2011
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