the ability to use the text message or sms function on numerous mobile phone brands
One teenager is taking ages to draft a text message / sms message on her mobile phone.

Friend: Give it to me and I will be able to do it faster because I am ambi-textrous.
by Emer Craig April 13, 2007
1. The ability to masturbate with either the left or right hand with equal and identical efficiency.

2. The ability to preform hand jobs with either the left or right hand with equal and identical efficiency.
1. Hey Jack, what's with the hairy palms on BOTH hands, man?

Oh that, yah I'm ambi-dick-trous.

2. Damn man, look at Jack tear it up in that circle jerk. He must be ambi-dick-trous.
by TacomaBeags March 27, 2011
Today is the day you can kick your friend Amber who likes to be called Ambi
" Today is October 28 which means it's national kick Ambi day" said Bobb
by YOU_SUCKKK October 23, 2019
The ultimate weapon of the generic, overly competent spy main who makes 60 frag movies in 3 hours. Usually paired with the dead ringer and kunai.
Guy 1: yo how can this guy headshot us and why does he have an "ez" bind?
Guy 2: he's an amby main, make sure to taunt after killing him.
by Headin Out March 13, 2021
A flexible political position that is neither left-wing or right-wing but combines different elements from across the left and right spectrum to achieve balance.
Sarah identifies as Ambi-Wing on the political spectrum. The ambies are more open minded unlike the lefties and far rightists
by Eli Muse July 7, 2020
ambi-spoon is where the spooner is either a little spoon or a big spoon
"i am a ambi-spoon, but if you want me to be a big spoon i can."
by Einstam February 4, 2021
When your hand job abilities are not limited to your dominant hand
“which hand did she use
“both, she’s ambi-dick-trous
by dixie rect July 24, 2018