National cry yourself to sleep day!!!
Oh boy, its october 28, can't wait to cry myself to sleep!!!
by OH BOY I CANNOT WAIT November 2, 2019
Dog Appreciation Day
They love you, so give them some luvin'.

If you don't have a dog , get one. They are perfect. They can't be corrupt, unlike humans. They're loyal, and sweet, and SO GOSH DANG ADORABLE.
You: It's October 28 puppy!
Dog: *yay*
by jtrdytfuygifg November 1, 2019
Slap your best friend who’s name starts with K day
Person 1: Why’d you slap me. Person 2: Kyla it’s October 28th!!!
by Yeeet2 November 2, 2019
The day boys have to give their crush a hoodie. Can’t say no..
John- Dude it’s October 28, you gotta give it to her
Max- Ok
*gives his sweatshirt*
Maddie- heart fills with excitement
by Yëèt_Peächÿ November 7, 2019
October 28 is official national beat the fuck out of your friends day
Guy One: Hey bro it's October 28 lets beat the fuck out of each other! Guy Two: Ok!
by Angus-Delaney October 27, 2020
October 28th is also known as National October 28th Day: a holiday to commemorate the fact that it's October 28th.
It's October 28th. Happy National October 28th Day, everyone!
by America Lover 🇺🇸 October 25, 2019
Its hug your bestie day 😌
Me: Hey bestie u know today's October 28 😌

Friend: yes what about today
Me: hugs*
Friend: hugs back*
by iixliv October 28, 2020