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Similar to a trowel, the kunai is a wrought iron multi-purpose tool originating in the Tensho Era of Japan (1573 - 1592). The kunai blade was unsharpened, soft iron, and was used for digging, prying, and smashing wood, plaster, and the like -- which would like have destroyed a tool which was sharpened or heat-treated.
While generally a leaf shaped blade atop a handle with a ring at the end, the kunai come in a number of different varieties, including short, long, narrow, wide, and saw-toothed. Due to the nature of ninjutsu's training with improvised and unusual weapons, the kunai became popularly associated with ninja (shinobi no mono), who might have used it as a weapon in disguise.
The kunai -- Japanese predecessor of the Swiss Army Knife.
by Nam-shub of Enki June 07, 2006
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A japanese metal dagger. Is used for stabbing, but it is also handy to throw.
Naruto uses a lot of kunai.
by Chapanese May 13, 2004
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Crazy-ass spriter from multiple forums who shouldn't be let near sugar. When intoxicated, he should be locked in a safe. Formerly obsessed with Naruto, this poor teenager lives in Australia, forever doomed to be stereotyped.

v. To act really strangely, like wake up at one a.m due to daylight savings
"Hey! Would you look at that cheap Samus FE sprite! That guy really pulled a Kunai!
"That guy's acting really Kunai"
"Later guys, I'm gonna go Kunai"
by AbsalootZer0 March 28, 2005
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