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process of drinking carbonated grape juice and liquid codeine mixed usaully while smoking marajuana. Popular in the South, especially Houston, TX.
Sipping and Leaning.
Sipping on that sizzurp.
I was sipping and leaning so much last night I feel over, finally.
by David Koresh June 01, 2005
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May 14 Word of the Day
Intelligence agency term for "psychological operation". A government or corporate-sponsored operation, usually taking the form of a "terrorist attack" or "crazed gunman on a spree", with the intent of panicking the public into demanding more police and laws inhibiting freedom. Psyops are usually carried out by drugging a civilian or group of civilians with aggression-promoting drugs, psyching them up, arming them, and sending them out to commit mayhem. Government-sponsored terrorism. See also blackshirts, conspiracy
Person A: Man, that nutcase Martin Bryant guy shot 35 people in Tasmania!

Person B: No, he wasn't a nutcase, that was just a psyop so the government could have an excuse to ban guns.
by Mystikan April 11, 2006
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The definition of sipping is when you are fondling your penile area and then the ejaculation of sperm shoots like a volcano out of the urethra. Then the sperm lands on your hand or you decide to ejaculate in a cup. Once you see the sperm you get curios what it is like to be a female sperm consumer. So you either take a sip of sperm or lick it of your hand. After that it get stuck in your through like peanut butter.
Last night I was sipping and I choked and then my mom came to help.
by Curios_crotch_eater445 December 08, 2017
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To cause self inflicted pain such as cutting
Did you see the scars across her wrist? She's totally sipping.
by W0Ah 0hh February 02, 2009
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