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Shortened word for 'At Maximum'. Pronounced, 'A Max'.
The oil pressure in the valve is amax, turn off the valve now!
by anon-nqn November 08, 2010
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"a max" is a typically caucasian boy with a big afro style haircut. A Max is typically a drug dealer and drinks to much on the weekends. A Max will also wear very baggy jeans and dirty old stained tee shirts. Some how, A Max is always a pimp and gets many girls.
"Dude ryan is such a max!!"
by lifeshardd March 10, 2019
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1. When you confirm a time of meeting and then flake out,
2. or when you go home far earlier than everyone, being the first to leave
"Yo, where is Pedro? Shouldn't he be here by now?"
"Nah, he pulled a Max."

"Well it was nice hanging out, but I'm gonna head home. Sorry to pull a Max."
by LargePeterson July 17, 2018
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