Shortened word for 'At Maximum'. Pronounced, 'A Max'.
The oil pressure in the valve is amax, turn off the valve now!
by anon-nqn November 8, 2010
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Amazing to the maximum degree. The absolute highest level of awesome.

Originated in the Boston area and is rapidly catching on.
"That guy's eyeliner and tight pants look amaxing on him."
by Stacy March 29, 2005
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Literally, a combination of the words 'amazing' and 'max', it is the best and most extreme way of describing the awesomeness of a particular object. The quintessence of cool.
Wayne Brady... opening for Saturday night live... with a mohawk... dancing in front of the entire Patriots cheerleading squad... and giving out free Ipods to everyone? THAT'S AMAXING!!!!!!
by Amaxing (Who else?) November 14, 2007
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Feeling great or astonished with what you did.
Wow Jake that was amaxing what you did on that skateboard!
by SHANE DAWSON LOVER 1738 July 6, 2016
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Person 1 Rose is so Amaxing.

Person 2 You mean Amazing?
Person 1 No, Amaxing

Person 2 what's that?
Person 1 better than amazing, amazing to the max.
by TheDawg February 6, 2015
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Shoes specially designed by Nike for Homeless people to wear... they are made from invisble material.
"Those are nice amaxing shoes. Where did you get them from? Give me them now!"
by lewis n cal May 30, 2008
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Basically similar to puny superlatives such as: amazing, awesome, fantastic, only much, much better.

An adjective meaning, in general "transcending, above the rest, in a class by themselves," applied by someone who can't type too well on IM.
"Sam & Ashton are amaxing."

"That convertible is amaxing."
by Amaxing Kid Numero Uno October 13, 2005
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