A play in which one player throws the ball into the vicinity of the rim and a jumping team-mate catches it and scores a basket in one motion, usually with a dunk.
by sammy Barak June 3, 2006
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when you stretch your erection in a loop to your asshole. from there you can see how many twinkies you can shove through your alley oop
I had one of those "do it yourself" nights so instead of the average jerk off, i instead went kinky and gave myself an alley oop.
by tophieCC September 16, 2010
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An attempt at an alley oop in which the supposed dunker does not attempt to complete the play
...and Georgia Tech pulls the alley-oops
by mariobowser March 20, 2010
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An American comic strip created by V. T. Hamlin in 1932. It's mostly about the adventures of caveman Alley Oop who lives in the prehistoric kingdom of Moo and rides his pet dinosaur Dinny.
Check this Sunday's Alley Oop in the funnies. It seems like they've been running that strip forever.
by Nab March 22, 2007
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when a girl is giving you head, right before you nut you pull out, with your hand coming down to slap her, blow your load into your hand and give her a wet slap in the face.
"so i finally pulled off the alley oop"
"no shit?"
"yeah it was amazing but she was pissed"
by E Dogg Unit X December 3, 2009
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This is not for the weaker man; during intercourse in the verticle, standing position; the male lifts the female onto his shoulders in one fluid motion, and performs cunnilingus.
My buddy John broke his back trying to give a fat chick the alley-oop!!
by samiam4292 March 17, 2007
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The art of dropping a hot fudge nugget into one's own hand, then walking up to a unsuspecting victim, pulling their underwear back and then slam dunking the before-mentioned hand treasure into their undergarments.
Jermaine got his revenge on his angry boss by dropping an Alley-Oop on him.
by Matty Muchachos March 24, 2017
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