1) A god-like eye that sees all and knows all, i.e. Big Brother.

2) The Eye of Sauron or the Eye of Providence, used derisively as a symbol of domestic surveillance, government conspiracy, or total information awareness.
Spotting the security camera domes, I felt the all-seeing eye looking at me.
by Man Machine August 3, 2007
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Alex fine with all things danganronpa 🤩
Person a: Look at this
Alex: I've seen it
Person b: ofcyou have you are the all seeing eye
by wAckery November 1, 2020
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The act of having a woman on top riding a penis while having googly eyes taped to her nipples.
Last night Carol used her All Seeing Eyes on me!
by WhyExisting May 3, 2023
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When people see you but they can't find you
The all seeing eye sees you
by Richard bakes February 23, 2022
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The pirgin emitted visual energy in late 2016 that goes backwards and forwards in time, becoming the all seeing eye. He’s (it’s) going to hell.
by GarnGarn June 26, 2023
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