Someone who has never watched porn before
Hey guys guess what? (Guys) What? IM NOT A PIRGIN ANYMORE
by SoapyShower May 24, 2015
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A male virgin, usually 18-25 years old who contributes NOTHING to society yet expects everything in return, then gets bitter and resentful when he doesn't get it. Usually has a weird looking nose, sadness in his eyes, underbite and a wide array of mental illnesses that make it easy for him to delude himself it's somehow "society's fault" or "women's fault" that he isn't getting laid.
Yeah I know that Pirgin he's a total loser
by Chormeow June 3, 2019
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Cooked and slandered terrorist who ended up on symbols through time (A.S.E.)
Whoa, did you see the pirgin's energy blast on Blossom Avenue in late 2016? That visual energy is indestructible!
by GarnGarn June 26, 2023
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