An ass hole so black, so stretched and abused and treacherous, it physically paralyzes you.
In reality, The Eye of Sauron of Sam was the true evil of Middle Earth.
by poopyshmoopy1 August 17, 2015
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When a female, normally a skank stripper, wears g-string undergarmets and shows off her ass, she often reveals her brown eye poking out on each side of the g-string. Due to similarilty in appearance, this phenomena is referred to as the Eye of Sauron.

See Also: Eye of Saruman
Damn, I wish I was staring into the Eye of Saruman, instead of the Eye of Sauron.

Fuck me, this stripper needs to bleach this Eye of Sauron.

This bitch must've just taken a shit without wiping, because her Eye of Sauron just said "I... See... You..."
by Cooper_and_Gutridge April 28, 2011
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Prior to anal sex, a girl bends over and spreads her ass cheeks as far as she can while dialating her asshole so she can better reveal her anal cavity. At this special moment, you insert your penis into the opening while humming the theme song of Mordor from Lord of the Rings. As she beckons for your "orcs" you give her all your "army's strength". There may be some "soil from the battlefield" on your penis afterwards.
Bobby gave Shelley an Eye of Sauron last weekend! I heard she couldn't walk for two days and poop got all over his dick!
by sexy mango November 13, 2010
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Basically, it is the moment when you are about to come and should be pulling out while having unprotected sex. Statistically, about 99.8% of males do not know when to pull out and get "spotted" by the Eye, resulting in unwanted pregnancies and general bad attitude from their ladyfriend.
I pulled out before the "Eye of Sauron" spotted me. My man down the block wasn't so lucky though. His girl is due any day.
by Dr. Parker July 14, 2005
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a big ass bush with a big cock hanging in the middle.
Is that gargamel standing in view? No, that's called the Eye of Sauron
by ch@-ch1nggg October 18, 2011
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The unwanted attention of the internet community. Especially when the attention includes malicious intent.
Sony BMG entered the Eye of Sauron because it sold CDs that install a Rootkit onto a computer.

Scientology attracts the Eye of Sauron because of its attempts to control its image on the internet.
by TomThumb1 May 5, 2010
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