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1. (Proper noun) VeriChip corporation, the manufacturer of RFID chips.

2. (noun) The RFID chips themselves.

3. (verb) To get such an RFID implant.
1. I lost money on the VeriChip stock because of the cancer scare.

2. Do you think I can get a verichip in my nose?

3. I got my cat verichiped in case she runs away.
by Man Machine September 11, 2007
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1) A health or medical study that shows that a living person has a 100% of dying at some point in their life.

2) A reaction to a health or medical study that shows some substance causes illness.

3) Everything has some kind of consequence. Suck it up and deal with it!
First thing I learned in med-school was living causes death.
by Man Machine August 10, 2007
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Short for "Fuck University," a fictional university where uber-snooty, holier-than-thou, "I am so much better than you and don't you ever forget it" types are said to graduate from.

When used, it also gives said snobs a "fuck you" message.
Snob: Could you keep your garage door closed? Your Honda is depreciating the market value of our neighborhood.

Dude: Whoa! You must have earned your master's from Fuck U!
by Man Machine August 9, 2007
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meat + bot. A robot made out of meat, aka "human."

Specifically, a mindless human automaton who works as a wage slave for a corporation.
That girl used to be quite a talented artist until she became a marketing meatbot.
by Man Machine August 9, 2007
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1) A god-like eye that sees all and knows all, i.e. Big Brother.

2) The Eye of Sauron or the Eye of Providence, used derisively as a symbol of domestic surveillance, government conspiracy, or total information awareness.
Spotting the security camera domes, I felt the all-seeing eye looking at me.
by Man Machine August 3, 2007
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Acronym: total information awareness. The goal of the NSA, FBI, AT&T, and Google. The god-like ability to find, compile, interpret, and control data.
Google and AT&T are competing for TIA with our private data.
by Man Machine August 3, 2007
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A plea for mercy, as in "Please don't taser, beat, kick, shoot, etc... me." An ironic warring about the use of excessive force, even if the person screaming it was asking for it.

(Term from the Florida student who cried out the phrase.)
by Man Machine September 19, 2007
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