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Oh youā€™re just being alive? Iā€™m horny too
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by ecogoth January 01, 2021
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Meaning: when something person, place thing etc is of the utmost popularity. It could be specific to a location or in general.
Zaccharias: Have you heard of the velvet underground?
Harlem: Yeah, i hear they were all the rage in the 60's
Genisis: There were all sorts of stellar indie bands in the sixties
by safron_sophia March 02, 2005
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A crappy new clothing line owned by 2 band groupies named Christine and Caroline and one of their friends.
person 1: did you hear that those stupid groupie girls started a clothing line named all the rage??

person 2: YEAH! i hate christine and caroline! there SUCH WHORES! if they didn't spend so much time fucking Alex Gaskarth and checking their myspaces they could have real jobs and make real money!

Christine and Caroline: UGH! your just jelous alright guys?! your just jelous that you dont know how to create myspaces and make designs on microsoft paint! or fuck Alex Gaskarth! and STALK BANDS!

person 1 and 2: yeah your right. were TOTALLY just jelous.
by whore detector March 19, 2009
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