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A super cute girl who loves to laugh. She can be a little bit on the weird side, but she can make you have a fun time. She has alot of friends and can make boys FALL for her. She loves to try out new things! But sometimes, she can have a hot temper! But if you're friends with her and make her laugh, she would make your heart melt.
Girl 1: Genisis always makes me laugh!
Girl 2: I know right! She is so awesome!

Guy 1: Genisis is so cute...I want her!
Guy 2: I hear she has a temper though.
Guy 1: If I treat her wrong,but I won't!
by LeFates May 01, 2012
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Gen-isis known for being the best name of the most beautiful girl or guy we don't discriminate. This is someone you would want to hang with and they are mostly so funny. Get you someone with the name Genisis.
Genisis wow your so famous
by dangfamous455 June 21, 2018
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the type of girl that despite melting your heart, you cant seem to get a date with. the kind of girl that you will never stop trying to see the true you even with the people you know mocking you. the name genisis can make your heart skip a beat upon hearing it, but it can also kick in your anxiety.
"We should name her genisis, because that name just guves me an undescribable feeling."
by BucketfOfMemez September 25, 2017
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