fucking sluts who would do anything to get backstage for a band so they can fuck em.
look at that groupie, flashing the security just to get into the VIP.
by sss July 22, 2005
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Women that sleep with rappers, athletes, famous people, etc... simply because they are famous
Don't grow up to be like Kat Stacks, she's a groupie.

Groupie Pt.2 by Little Brother is a good song about groupies.
by FlyAway February 26, 2012
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A young woman, often under age, who will do anything to get closer to a person of high status, such as an up and coming rap star. They will often resort to sex but can use other methods such as obsessive research and knowledge concerning the "likes/dislikes," habits, pet peeves, and other trivia concerning the idol.

Originates from groupie, but spelled with a 'y' for 'young', signifying that the groupie is underage or younger than the idol.
"That little rat Liv is probably up-and-coming rap star JT's biggest groupy!"
by JThomas June 15, 2009
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A band geek who's figured out the only way she (...or maybe he) will get laid.
"mom! i'm going with the groupies to the show! gonna get laid!"
"ok, honey!"
by Brown Fingers Bailey September 13, 2006
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People, usually young females, who are drawn to musicians in a sexual manner.
Listen you chicks!now didn' .. didn't you just say that you got off bein' juked with a BABY OCTOPUS and spewed upon with cream corn? And that your hair-lipped dyke-o bass-playing girlfriend on the backseat had to have it with a YOO-HOO bottle or she went apeshit?!.. What's the deal, baby? Come on..
Howie! Howie, lissen yo me... all that's true, and sometimes I even dig it with a Doctor Brown's Cream Soda... or a CEL-RAY!... but we are not groupies!
by ggggz August 14, 2005
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