A paint tool program you use when you need pictures to go along with your Roblox fanfiction
"Why are you looking up the definition of Microsoft Paint on Urban Dictionary."
by Galactic_Pyro September 3, 2017
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The act of getting ejaculate on your screen while watching porn.
My girl wasn’t putting out and I now I have to clean up my Microsoft paint.
by Icenips September 28, 2022
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To a digital artwork that looks painted with feet.

Microsoft paint was the paint app included in Windows 1.0 with very basic tools.
by P3laton3 April 10, 2017
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An oxymoron used in urbandictionary.com's suggestion for non-copyrighted material to upload.
"Don't upload copyrighted content - send a drawing, a Microsoft Paint masterpiece, or a photo you took"
by ~The Nameless One~ May 25, 2005
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Best application ever, you can draw anything you dream of with quality lower than the Nintendo DSi Camera. It is sadly exclusive to Windows so Mac users can't use the best software in history.
Simp: I drew my favorite streamer in a 18+ pose with Microsoft Paint and now I'm gonna print it out and tape it to my pillow.
Everyone else: Ew bro everyone knows you can only use it for drawing masterpieces, get yo crap out of here!
by ltotheando November 16, 2020
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