A revelation, a manifestation of the most delicous combo in the world cheese, sauce and bread. What more could you need
pizza itself is a sentence
by Sir_sahab_jee March 25, 2015
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A sacred food gifted to mankind by the gods. Very delicious and cheesy with tomato sauce and toppings of your choice. Commonly consumed recreationally or at parties.
Pizza is legal weed as both are very good.
by A Human Male August 4, 2018
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Comes in a box, made as a circle, but cut into triangles?!?! illuminati?
yo I saw pizza floating
yuh of course cuz its POINTUYRYTYYYYYY lolol
by Anvils May 28, 2019
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What the actual fuck is wrong with you? How do you even live with yourself if you don’t know what a pizza is?????
by xo_neza_xo February 7, 2019
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Food of the gods and of New Yorkers. An open-faced pie made with (in order of appearance) toppings (usually mushroom or broccoli. The works does well too), cheese (not too much please! and extra melty), and tomato sauce (lots of it). It can be found at the Church of Deliciousness, a.k.a., the pizza place: a haven for grease, friends, drugs, and loud italian and hispanic chefs.
Pizza is praised among physicians for containing the four major food groups; dairy, breads, vegetables, and love
Even rich people in New York eat pizza

Deigo: What're you doing after school
Maddie: I'm going to the pizza place. Wanna come?
by scratchmaster101 February 3, 2011
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Hands down the best tasting, most versatile and convenient food in the world.

Pizza.. might aswell be my religion
I eat Pizza every day, nothing else will do
by Pizza Time March 18, 2008
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