person 1: yo, i think i got tik tok
person 2: oh no, let's go to the hospital
by kyrian247 April 4, 2021
Tik tok is a worthless app where 15 year olds without any talent dance like they just got struck by lightning.Horny 17 yo boys post thirst traps.Dont let your child use this app.His iq will drop to 10
-Hey Anna,do you have a tik tok account?
-Yeah I watch Alisson Day and Darli Camelio.I am in looooooooove with Lony Topez and Boah Neck
-Get the fuck away from me Anna
by JennaStepSis January 15, 2021
a place full of idiots who have no humor nor creativity and steal songs and content
I just installed tik tok and i'm dissapointed in myself
by debil123 April 11, 2021
An app used by cheap crowd to build a community where more cheap people can follow them.
The crowd on tik tok is mostly rural.
by Tasmanian Devil Taz November 5, 2020