people who have lost there humanity.
Joseph Stallin, Adolf Hitler, any body else who beleives it is okay to put human life at risk due to an ideal or goal.
by ZombE February 10, 2005
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An old man with 2 walking sticks who is such a genius he can walk at a 90 degree angle. He leaves his home once a day to display his unique talent to the envious world under the pretext of going to post a letter.
Who is West Bridgford's finest athlete?

That'll be Alf Trolleydocker, the 90 degree genius.

Where did he get his walk from?

I believe he got it from a corner shop.
by Kenny Spoffo-Grumpbeetle August 17, 2009
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Alfred James "Alf" Stewart is a fictional character from the Australian Channel Seven soap opera Home and Away and and a parody of doodleburger, full time rapist played by Ray Meagher. The character debuted on-screen during the serial's pilot episode on 17 January 1988 while raping Sally. . Meagher is the only remaining original cast member still present. Thanks to Summer Bay, Alf still has his thunder. Also Loose as fuck.
Have you seem the little Cambodian kid Alf Stewart stole from the markets?

by Rape101 October 20, 2013
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When a male of the age 17 or older can not control the flow of waste out of his body. This certain individual seems to shit in his pants very often.
Holy shit Justin, you just alf cannoned your pants.
by Daniel "Leo the Great" Krcmar September 24, 2003
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When you get down between a guy's legs and pull his scrotum up to make a mask, using his penis as the nose. Resembles Alf from the 80's tv show.
I love to use Jeremy's junk as an Alf Mask and sniff his underballs.
by Feetsoup March 21, 2018
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