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(exclaimation) Oldcootism used during great consternation or surprise. Used by 1890’s prospectors, cantankerous old farmers, and young people playing old people on TV in the ‘60’s and ‘70’s.
Them dern aliens ruined my golldarn rubbarb patch with their flyin' machine, dagnabbit!
by crazyoldman October 17, 2003
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Sometimes used instead of dammit, especially when aimed at children.
"Dag nabbit! Who left the lights on and the door open?"
"Dag nabbit!!! You flag your fanny home right now!"
by lucky1003 September 18, 2009
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B: a mild expression of frustration uttered for polite company
from the convolution of "God Damn It"
Dangnabbit Ma don't be too harsh on him, the boy was only being a kid. Let him him be.
by R.Unger June 02, 2005
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a phrase made popular by Grandpa from "Rugrats". Ancient people say it in place of "dammit" when they are in front of young people (that means 70yrs and below to them)
"Dag nabbit! Where the FUCK did i put them goddamn dentures?"
by ndsnfnsfk April 13, 2010
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