If you so happen to come across a town called Aledo Illinois turn around quickly.
OMG it's the wretched Aledo Illinois let's get the fuck outta here quick!

Aledo Illinois a town of rednecks, preppy ugh farmer rednecks, and stoner outcasts whom hate the town.
John: Aledo Illinois

Tyrell: Say what the fuck you talkin bout
by Lucifer is pissed December 17, 2013
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A town in Illinois that is basicly a court house,a tastee freeze,and a high school suroundedby farmland.
Person 1:You going down to Aledo Illinois this weekend?
Person 2:Yeah,might watch a football game and go to tastee freeze
by midweekkman November 07, 2011
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A very small town near the border of Iowa. There is absolutely nothing in this town besides a good HS band, a highschool, rhubarb fest, a Casey’s, and a Tastee Freeze. The boys all look like they came from hell and 99.9% of the girls are drug addicts. The local hangout for literally everyone is the what we call “Central Park” or the Bandshell. If you are cute and would like to come here please do for the love of God they are all so ugly.
Claire: “Are you going to Aledo

Tyler: “ No Aledo Illinois sucks”
by Shutupordie<3 August 14, 2021
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This place I'm tellin you. There is so many sluts and whores at this place. If you want to get some get give em some weed and they will open there legs to you at any time. Also these a crap ton of crack heads. So if you lookin to get some of that puss I wouldnt pick this place cause you will get an STD very very very easily.
Why you going to Aledo Illinois every girl in that high school is looser then a goose
by Urdaddy69 February 24, 2019
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AAAA State Champs two years in a row! Home to Jonathan Gray who won the Tom Landry award and led Aledo to state championships in 2009 and 2010. This is one amazing place.
Dude you're from Aledo, Texas? Go JGray!
by JarOfHearts February 04, 2011
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when a group of people start beating up a guy, and then one proceeds to shove his finger up the poor mans ass
Jack: Man Stan is being so annoying
Bill: I know right? We should give him the Aledo treatment
Jack: Dibs on my finger!!
by King fender October 24, 2011
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Twenty minutes west of Fort Worth, Aledo Texas is the place where rich snobby kids from All Saints, Country Day, Trinity Valley, Southwest Christian, Nolan...you name it, any FW private school...are sent by their parents if they don't feel like paying a shit ton of money to go somewhere they can party and get an education at. The football team is incredible, just like their parties. It's 20 minutes away from FW, 15 if you go over the speed limit, 10 away from Weatherford. Technically, the highschool is in an old cow pasture, but Aledo is growing so it isn't too noticeable. The kids throw sick parties. Go to a football game and you'll find kids with water bottles full of skyy or Whataburger cups full of captain morgan. Weed used to be popular, but is dying out. 1/2 the girls look old enough to be in sororities at TCU (since that's where they all go) as well as all of the wanna-be frat dad's. Skim the halls and you'll see

A) 30 people wearing polo shirts
B) 50 kids wearing sperrys
C) 5 couples making out
D) 3 pot heads
E) the one and only JGray
An hour and a half away from PK, 20 mins from FW, an hour and a half from Dallas, Aledo really is the shit.
"Dude, you go to Aledo High School?"
"I've heard they party like it's 1999 in their BMW's and audi's"
by iwannabeanAledokid September 11, 2011
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